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Dance Classes

Dance ClassesLike many dance studios, Elite runs classes from September-June (33 weeks). We prefer to have the year paid in full by the first class, however, we understand in today's economy that is not always possible. To make payment easy for you, we've divided the whole term into tri-mester (3) payments. There is a chart below with the payments BY THE HOUR/WEEK of class.

Our list of dance classes is shown below. Some classes may not be offered every semester.

Dance Registration: $25 registration fee covers any number of classes for which you register for the 33 week session. Dance Classes are based on a 33 week session culminating in a performance concert in June, and may be paid in full, or by trimesters. An unlimited class package is available. See the chart below for payments and savings.

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Dance Class Schedule: For the most up-to-date dance class schedule, please CLICK HERE

Styles & Disciplines:

Kids Basic Start them young! For 3-6 year olds, this amazing class will teach them the basics in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. Kids will have a chance to explore tap, ballet and jazz - all three in just about every class! This is a FANTASTIC introduction for young children, and will give them a surprisingly firm basis for moving on into Level 1 when the time is right. Attire: children enjoy dressing "traditionally", (see BALLET below), but please NO tutus. Proper footwear is encouraged: Flat tap shoes, split sole ballet shoes, jazz shoes or boots.

Ballet Classical dance form characterized by grace, precision of movement, formal gestures, steps, and poses, is the basis for all forms of dance. Great for discipline! Great for posture! Learn ballet terminology, body awareness, grace, through barre and floor work. Female Ballet students wear a black sleeveless leotard, pink tights, and split sole neutral colored ballet shoes. Hair must be in a clean bun in the middle back of the head. Male ballet students wear a white sleeveless leotard or shirt (tank top) black tights, and black split sole ballet shoes. A dance belt is also required for men.

Modern Unlike classical ballet, this form of dance favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling. Students will learn how to connect motion with music and train their bodies to utilize the advantages of perfect posture, extensions, and fluid motion. Modern students wear a sleeveless leotard, and footless tights.

Lyrical Modern, Jazz, and Ballet technique are incorporated into this open genre of dance. Lyrical is an expression of deep emotion or observations. A connection to the music is especially stressed and students find this genre very appealing. Lyrical students wear BALLET clothing.

Jazz Students will learn terminology similar to the very basics of ballet in a more up-beat style. Characterized by the use of improvisation and influenced by rhythms of jazz music, students will use the abstract motions from modern and take away the strict regiment from ballet. ATC Elite Dance Studios incorporate all styles of jazz, from contemporary to basic to Broadway classic and funk. Jazz students wear the black split sole stretch jazz boot, black leotard, and either jazz pants or jazz shorts with neutral tights.

Hip Hop Students learn how to move their bodies in completely different ways to classic hip hop and new school hip hop. Some breakdancing and drill are included. Students will learn basic ballet terminology and mix it with individuality, spunk, some "krumping", and lots of fashion. Hip Hop students wear the premium split sole dance sneaker and semi-loose, form fitting but not baggy clothes, preferably black.

Breakdancing You've seen it on street corners, at fairs, in shows and on TV. Now learn how to do it! Strengthening exercises and the proper technique for all those amazing feats will be covered. Attire: See Hip Hop.

Tap There's nothing like it for coordination, keeping (getting) fit, and rhythmic fun! Tap is a MUST for any performer interested in the world of musical theater. Students wear flat tap shoes, and jazz attire.

Acrobatics/Stretch Tumbling, cartwheels, round-offs, etc. taught in a safe, step-by-step supportive atmosphere. Students should wear jazz or gymnastic attire. Footwear will be by instructor's request.

Musical Theater Dance Putting it all together! That's what we do in Musical Theater. Ballet, jazz, modern, tap, throw in some hip hop, and maybe even some acrobatics! In today's musical theater, the performer needs to do it all. This class will begin your overview of the genre, incorporating the many styles that create a "Broadway" show. Attire will be according to the instructor's direction for the genre. Jazz attire is always a "safe" bet for musical theater dance.

Adult General Dance Mothers/Aunts/Older Sisters/Singles oh, and MEN WELCOME, TOO! stay in shape and have fun doing it! Bring your children to CCT (or come alone) and stay for an hour to do something for YOURSELF! Class will include modern, jazz, and other dance disciplines depending on the interests of the class participants.

Ballroom Ballroom Dance is now offered to teens and adults. Learn the basics of the popular ballroom dances - move with class and style! Prepare for those important events - or just come to have fun! No prerequisite. Couples encouraged.