Intro to Acting
Just as it sounds: the ideal opportunity to “give it a try” or to reinforce fundamental acting techniques. This six week course will introduce you to acting in a supportive and very creative atmosphere. Through the use of theatre games and improvisation, students will discover that the art of acting involves the imagination, taking chances, and FUN! Fantastic for advanced students and professionals, as well!

Monologue Study
A continued exploration of the basics, using theatre games and improvisation to learn acting techniques. Students will now work on monologues, incorporating and deepening the concepts from Intro. Advanced students and professional actors welcome. * Prerequisite: a previous acting class, or some acting experience. An interview is required if the student has not taken Intro to Acting.

Beginning Scene Study

Students will learn how scenes are structured, and be introduced to scene analysis and to creating a character. *Prerequisite: one year previous study or experience. Interview required if student has not been enrolled in ATC Monologue Study.

Character Technique 1 (incl. Speech for the Actor)
The first semester of Character introduces actors to a variety of physical techniques that may be employed when creating a character. Students work on monologues, with an option for scene work, to solidify their understanding of the techniques. Vocal training in breath support, proper diction, and using your full instrument (your body!) for sound production is included. *Successful completion of both Beginning Scene Study and Monologue Study, or by audition and/or invitation. 

Character Technique 2
This second semester of Character Technique explores the internal tools an actor uses to create a fully-realized character. Advanced scene study is also part of this in-depth class. *Successful completion of Character Technique or by audition and/or invitation. 

Advanced Class
Putting it all together into your personal acting technique. Ongoing character work, monologue and scene study. *Successful completion of Character Technique 2 or by audition and/or invitation. 

Intro to Improv
Improvisation is the art of spontaneous group story-building. In this 6-week class, Ryan Huban (of the professional improv troupe, Howdy Stranger) will introduce essential improv techniques that will give you a solid foundation to perform spontaneous scenes on the spot. This workshop focuses on the importance of agreement, support, and group mind on stage. Practice being an active listener and learn to embrace spontaneity to create interesting characters and unique environments with your scene partners. These exercises and shortform games will get you moving, thinking quickly and, of course, laughing!

Actor's Lab: Professional Level Scene Study
Advanced, on-going scene study. For the professional actor and those professionally bound. Students who have successfully completed both semesters of Character Technique may be admitted by invitation of instructor. Scene Evening performance opportunities in NJ and Showcases in NYC. 

Dramatic Action
A dynamic and essential class! Become comfortable with task work, and discover an invaluable tool when learning your scripts. Deemed one of the "most fun" classes, Dramatic Action is also the class that most students choose to repeat: it's THAT helpful.*Successful completion of at least Monologue or Scene Study, or by audition and/or invitation. 

Intro To Voice Acting (Voice Over)
The days of the "big voice" announcer are gone. Today's voice work centers around story telling. We break down scripts as short plays and delve into objectives, relationships, deciphering the writer's direction encoded in the script. Students are prepared for today's world of voicework. Basic technical aspects including mic types, audio file types,  home studio setups are covered as well. Commercials, promos, and some character work are explored. *Successful completion of at least Intro to Acting, Monologue, or by audition and/or invitation. 

Breaking Bard
Unlocking the secrets of playing Shakespeare is simpler than you may imagine! Discover the powers that Shakespeare can unleash for the actor. Delve into vocal techniques, dive into rich text and fearlessly shatter the fourth wall. This six-week course will arm you with the skills and weapons you need to tackle Shakespeare with confidence and joy. *Successful completion of at least Intro to Acting.


Enjoy these photos from our recent Monologue Study Class.  (This gallery will highlight various classes, so check back often!)