Creating. There's nothing like it: coloring with a box of crayons; writing the next great novel (or a short scene); filming your newest idea, or thrilling an audience with your particular interpretation of a character. The creation is yours. You leave your mark, your point of view, the fulfillment of a vision, with your audience.

We invite you to come create with us. Acting classes, TV/Film technique, Voice Over, Dance, Singing-- whether you're doing it to increase your professional marketability, or just because it's fun-- ATC Studios has a class that is right for you. Audition for or sign up to work tech on our various projects including TV/film productions sponsored by our producing arm: The Conservatory, You'll be working side by side with show business professionals getting hands-on training and experience that will give you an edge in this tough business.

Private Coaching for audition preparation, to improve a particular skill, or remove an annoying regionalism in your speech, is available to accommodate most schedules. Private singing and dance coaching sessions are also available.

Our staff is nurturing, challenging, and are all professionals in their chosen fields. We understand performers because we ARE performers. We know the business side, and incorporate necessary show biz info in our classes. We have connections on both coasts and can steer you to top agencies and contacts. And...who knows? Your best contact in the business for the future, may be your very own scene partner in one of ATC's classes.

ATC Studios is a dynamic, fun, and safe environment for you to explore and develop your performing arts creativity. We look forward to welcoming you to the ATC family.

Kathleen Kellaigh
Artistic Director