Actor's Thanksgiving List

An Actor's Thanksgiving List

To all creative folks--ATC celebrates you and is thankful for the gifts you bring to the world.

I am thankful for the gifts of imagination and compassion that allow me to step into another’s shoes.

I am thankful for my body, which allows me to bend it and exhaust it as I create new characters and commit to exercises, productions and projects.

         I am thankful for my voice, which I can manipulate, creating speech and verbal characteristics and communication for my characters.

         I am thankful for the world and people around me for providing all the inspiration I need to create a multitude of new people in any situation.

         I am thankful for family, friends, co-workers, fellow actors, and the strangers I meet daily, for teaching me about relationships.

         I am thankful for the eyes, which allow me to see past appearances, and into hearts.

         I am thankful for ears that are learning to truly listen.

         I am thankful for the smells around me and those remembered and those imagined, for they help me create truth for my characters.

         I am thankful for hands (and skin) that “remember” what things feel like, and can create in league with my imagination things I’ve never encountered.

         I am thankful for new tastes, for any new experience can help me to create anew.

         I am thankful even when life deals me terrible challenges, for I grow in my understanding of the human existence, which will help when I create a new human existence (a character).

         I am thankful for the wonder of discovering who I am while finding out who my characters are.

         I am thankful for the opportunity to touch others’ lives with joy, sadness, laughter, tears, inspiration, understanding, entertainment, challenges to the status-quo, doubt, certainty, frustration, peace, darkness, light (and the list goes on)…and most of all, with love.




                                                     Kathleen Kellaigh

                                                               ©2005 all rights reserved.


With a new website, spring around the corner, and an age of transformation surrounding us, it seems only appropriate that the first blog should be on beginnings.

Sure, we have had an internet presence for about 25 years. (ATC is going to be 28 this June, and we were not on the web in our early days). So it cannot be said that this is a full-out “beginning.” But anytime we do something new, you can also be pretty sure, something else is ending.  In this case, the website I’ve been updating for the last dozen years or so, is no more.

Now, don’t misunderstand.  I am thrilled with the new site.  I thank Matt Locker for taking the reins and igniting the drive in both of us to stick with this daunting task and get it done.  But, I have been experiencing anxiety over letting that old website go.  A mountain of “what ifs” rose up and almost paralyzed me from pushing that re-direct button.  First of all, I didn't want to end our webhosting relationship with friend and tech-wizard Matt Perosi and his company, PsiPrime/Sapphire Collaborative--i am so grateful for all he and his company have done for ATC.  And what if some obscure bit of information was overlooked? What if we missed a photo that we don’t have anywhere else? What if we didn’t catch some nuance or turn of phrase that was particularly clever?  Never mind that it described a class we no longer offer… I might want to use it again someday.  And… this is HISTORY! 

Oh yeah.  I can find a multitude of reasons not to let go.  But I know I must.

Letting go of the old; embracing the new.  Ending; beginning.  Releasing the past; opening to the future.  Leaving a comfort zone (even if you’ve grown to despise it, it is still a comfort zone); taking a risk, and doing something you haven’t done before.   Leaving the known road; blazing a new trail.  Putting down the familiar; taking up the foreign.

Beginning is messy.  Beginning is scary.  Beginning is exciting.  Beginning brings change.  Beginning starts with a clean canvas.  Beginning is magic.  Beginning allows for all things to be possible. Beginning begs the question, “What happens next?’

I welcome you to this journey.  Let’s begin it together.  Look back to the previous paragraph and let’s replace the word “Beginning” with  “Acting ”  Acting is messy.  Acting is  scary.  Acting is exciting.  Acting brings change.  Acting  starts with a clean canvas.  Acting is magic.  Acting allows for all things to be possible. Acting begs the question, “What happens next?’

And guess what?  You can also substitute “Creating”. 

A new ABC:  Acting. Beginning. Creating.  Ready to explore the rest of the alphabet?

I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

--Kathleen Kellaigh

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