Action Theatre Conservatory, now popularly known as ATC Studios, is recognized in the Tri-State area for its high-quality, professional performing arts training. New York agents, managers and casting directors praise ATC's programs, attend the Conservatory's showcases and scene nights, and frequently contact ATC for casting calls.

Moving from NYC in 1990, husband and wife team Joel Robertson and Kathleen Kellaigh brought their experience, training and contacts to Northern NJ and committed to bring high quality professional training in the performing arts to the area. 

Since opening in June of that year, ATC's enrollment has grown dramatically; class offerings have gone from two levels of acting, to include four separate performing arts divisions with multiple classes offered in each; performance arms including the award-winning Conservatory Players, and the web and cable dramatic series The Conservatory, have been launched to bring quality entertainment to the region; and students and alumni are getting their dream jobs on stage and screen.

Because of our record of success, ATC Studios' programs have been used as the model for other acting school programs throughout the Garden State. While imitation is the highest form of flattery, don't be fooled. ATC's staff is composed of highly qualified professionals who have proven a gift and love for TEACHING as well, creating the optimum environment for nurturing talent from infancy through the challenges and rewards of the professional world.


Back in 2008, the idea for The Conservatory was developed by a group of motivated teens studying right here at ATC Studios. With the guidance and support of both professional actors and filmmakers, The Conservatory was created. The first season, four half hour episodes, were filmed and aired on cablevision.

While filming these episodes was a great accomplishment, the creative team was not fully satisfied with the end result. The filming process served as a lesson, we learned what we did correctly and what we wanted to change. After critiquing the previous episodes, the writers on the creative team felt the stories were not honest enough and felt too much like a parent-approved after school special. The format changed to short webisodes with content that was edgier and more honest than it was before.

Now we've evolved even further. The Conservatory is now the name of our TV/Film production arm and scripts are sought from new writers. Filmmakers with new vision for the screen are also welcome to join our creative enterprise.