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* Directing Class: Students and instructor will design the best working schedule for all involved, so if someone has to miss a class, we can adjust. Email to register for Directing Class ASAP.

Get On List
**Some classes hold in que for enough students to show interest.  To get on a list, please e-mail with your name and the class you are interested in taking.


Registering online takes care of holding your place in class and payment.  If you are a new student, you will be asked to fill out 3 short forms when you arrive for your first class.

NOTE:  ATC now accepts online registration.  You must fulfill any prerequisites for a class and complete the checkbox prior to registering.  If you register for a class without having the prerequisite, ATC reserves the right to transfer you to the appropriate class (with your knowledge and acceptance) or refund your registration MINUS all fees. 


Pay in full 10 days before the start of your class, and take 10% off the price.  If you are registering online, during the eligible early payment time period, use EARLY followed by the Initials of the class.  For instance, for Intro to Acting, the promo code would be EARLYIA. For Scene Study, EARLYSS. (if you are not getting this discount but are within the deadline, please call us to make sure you do).

2nd (or 3rd) class of lesser value is 20% off! (Classes must be taken concurrently) This discount may only be activated when paying in person or over the phone.

(Note: the above discounts are NOT available for certain specialty classes, like the Summer Shakespeare Conservatory)